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We are the IOBZ

The Institute of Bankers of Zimbabwe, provides education to current and future bankers to match the ever changing business environment. The Institute strives to remain at the forefront of development in banking education through its contact with leading local organizations and international sister institutes.

The Diploma in banking is a qualification in its own right which provides a firm knowledge base of financial issues. The program is designed to be relevant and practical and allows you to follow a specialist or more generalist route depending on your learning requirements.

It is not just the quality of diplomas that attract individuals to the Institute. Membership too brings a wealth of advantages:

  • Professional recognition from employers, peers and customers
  • On-going career and personal development
  • Access to the core qualification that underpin your career in financial services.
  • Puts job opportunities in the entire financial services sector at your grasp.

the Major Deal

One of our main jobs is to make sure you can pay for things easily and securely in the World. So we produce banknotes (cash) and oversee many of the other payment systems you use (eg with a debit or credit card).

We also work to keep the cost of living stable so your money keeps its purchasing power. One way we do this is by changing the main interest rate in the World.